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Gallardo architects and Gallardo construction is one of the most reputed Miami architect firmshaving some of the best professional architects dealing in remodelling or construction of various types of residential and commercial buildings throughout Miami.

We primarily focus on providing sustainable architecture solutions to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiently using materials, energy, space and ecosystem. Over the tears, we have provided sustainable architecture solutions for a wide array of health care facilities and assisted living facilities in Florida.

Emergency Power Generators in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facility

As millions of Floridians grappled with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, more than 40 percent of Florida is facing the lack of electricity and power may not be resumed even for weeks. It is a dauntingtask for government to install generators within sixty days, as is required in the emergency rules issued by the state Agency for Health Care Administration and the state Department of Elder Affairs.

Florida has provided safe residence to a large population of elderly in assisted living facilities and nursing homes in Florida. However, due to lack of electricity supply, nursing homes and assisted living facilities have been hardest hits by the outages.

We at Gallardo architects and Gallardo construction are engaged in providing back-up generators in an emergency to keep frail elders safe in a storm. We make sure that nursing homes and assisted living facility have power generation in emergencies such as oxygen tanks and nursing station lights.

Our team also helps in the installation of generators in nursing homes and Assisted living facility and they make sure that generators are placed in well ventilated areas and must not be placed never be placed near windows, doors, vents or other openings.

It is important for nursing homes and assisted living areas to carefully install the generators as non-compliance with the legal generator requirements may lead to revoking the licenses of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.

Call us for emergency power and backup generator installation in Florida.